QiHe QH-L24 Cold Laminator
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Size (L x W x H) 74 cm x 28 cm x 16 cm
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Cold laminating machine is a new advertising images laminating machine, all kinds of screen printing, advertising light boxes cloth, prints, photographs, banners, awards, certificates, pictures, etc. cold laminating film processing by machine treatment, in surface of the article to form a film,

Is a new advertising film and photo processing equipment, is in the advertising products screen covered with a film to protect the image and enhance the role of image texture effect. . We can say that this is the advertising picture post-production process in the most critical one.

Or photographs to present the film in many ways, the most commonly used technique is the use of cold laminating film. Lengbiao actually in the picture and covered with a layer photo cold laminating film. If it is smaller photos or pictures, then cold laminating film can be attached to the system by hand. But if you need a larger coating objects, hand-paste system will be blistering, the film is not strong, etc., and therefore need to use cold laminating machine to achieve. In fact Lengbiao is a way to cold laminating film duplicating equipment in the photo or image. A good cold laminating machine should be non-foaming picture mounted long, long life and other characteristics.

  • Inner size : 24"
  • Plastic bar diameter Ø : 65mm
  • Weight : 11kg



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QiHe QH-L24 Cold Laminator